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Queering The Bible 2022

Learn how to connect YOUR queer/trans story to Scripture and share it in a creative way with others!

Digging The Details

The Bible is filled with incredible stories that still resonate today, but sometimes we need some guidance on where to start and how to figure it all out. This isn't about telling you "what the Bible says" or what you "should" believe, it's about empowering you to dig into the Bible and discover that for yourself. 

Journey Into the Bible

Learn the tools you need  to engage the Bible seriously and faithfully, which will give you a more robust understanding of the text and a richer faith.

Soul Safe

Learn how to get through your next family get together feeling safe, strong, and centered

Clobbering The Clobber Passages

Learn the affirming messages behind the "clobber passages" and how to talk about them with people you care about. No more being beat up by the Bible!

Tricky Questions About Sex

What does the Bible say — and how should Christians act — about masturbation? Pre-marital sex? Pornography? That's what we're covering in this on-demand workshop. This will teach you progressive, queer-inclusive faith-based (and even Biblical!) responses to some of the most common questions about sex.

A Name Greater: A Transgender & Christian Training

“Gender Identity,” “Transgender,” “Nonbinary,” “Gender Expression,” “Pronouns”…

Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the expanded ways people are talking about their identities. You’ve heard terms used a bunch and aren’t sure exactly what they mean. Or maybe you feel you have a good grasp on the basics, but you’re not sure how it should impact your day-to-day life or ministry. 

Faithful Sexuality

Learn how to create a sexual ethic that fits both your life and your faith. Together we'll explore how to deeply integrate sexuality and spirituality. 


Uncover the ways gender multiplicity is all throughout Scripture, how trans and gender noncomforming people can enliven gender for all people, and how trans theology can deepen your faith.

Christianity & Polyamory

Learn how polyamory fits into a Christian ethic and how polyamory can deepen our understanding of God & faith

Walking Toward Resurrection

Walking Toward Resurrection interweaves the Passion Narrative of Jesus with personal stories of coming out and transitioning. See how the interplay of these stories deepens each, and also speaks to you. 

Resurrecting Faith

How do you find a faith that fits after leaving old ideas of faith behind? This ebook walks you through the stages of deconstruction and reconstruction so you can build a faith that is life-giving and health. 

Queers the Word: Digital

A 40-day devotional with entries from a queer and trans perspective written to support you in strengthening your faith and affirming your identity.

Active Advocacy

How supporters of LGBTQ+ people can take their advocacy to the next level

Letters of Love

Follow along with our friend Micah as he has a very difficult conversation with his mother. Read their letters and responses and learn from his example of boundary-setting, honesty, and vulnerability.

Fool-Proof Faith Workshop

How To Find Out If A Church Or Resource Is LGBTQ-Affirming And Theologically Trustworthy

A Quickstart Guide to Finding a Faith That Fits

A Quickstart Guide To Finding A Faith That Fits is an ebook with reflections, journal prompts, and action items to figure out what you need to unlearn and make a path for moving forward.

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